Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Fishes in my garden

Who said you have to go on a lake or sea to catch a fish? I can do it in my garden, but fishes must go back into their natural environment, they are not really tasty;)

Monday, 1 June 2020

Kids went back to school

Just for two days a week but still... Wasn't sure is it good or bad decision to send them back... All I know, it was really strange, after so many weeks, to stay at home on my own... What should I do with myself? Should I do some cleaning? Should I just relax before night shift? Should I read a book, as on my own at home I can read more that one page without being distracted... The last option sounds good... Reading a book...

No... I have decided someone else can read a book. I have picked up some styrofoam, bit of string, tin foil, old cloth and get cement ready...

So girl with a hat can read a book and I can go and pick up children... Hope they enjoyed their 'Happy Monday.'

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Melman - the cement giraffe

Time to tell you how to make Melman... This way you can make anything...

Let's start...
First I cut the shape out of styrofoam...

Use hot glue gun to connect all elements.

Start applying cement on the styrofoam...

Add some colours, I used acrylic paints

Place your decoration wherever you like:)

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Halo! Halo!

Trochę mi zajęło przedzieranie się przez dżunglę krzakow, ale jestem!
Kochane Mamy!
Wszystkiego najlepszego w tym wyjątkowym dniu, i w pozostałe dni też!
Że szczególnymi pozdrowieniami dla pani Maryni z Gliwic, bez której bym się tu nie pojawiła ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Monday, 25 May 2020

Personalized picture frame

Once the weather is nice, I'm spending time outside playing with cement (watch this space, some funny garden decorations will be posted soon). But in a meantime, I quickly made a picture frame... My friend asked me to add a name to it, as it will be a birthday present:)
I used a resin and fill in letters, which I cut with my amazing and favourite tool -  router:)

The frame will be standing on the desk in the office.

Happy birthday to Clare:)

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Birds' swing

As the garden is getting more and more colourful I thought I might make something for birds... Like a little seeds station... There is many little birds around and they always watching me, probably thinking: what is this crazy women building again?
So I have make little bench for them:)

My little helper is adding some colours...

Now watch this space... I'm hoping to take a picture with some birds eating seeds:)

And there is a bird...

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Water fountain

One more thing you can do at home:)
All you need is bucket, plant pot, foil, maybe some stones, cement, sand ( depends which cement you buy), water and got glue gan - but not necessarily:)

 How to make your fountain base?
Get ready your flower pot...

Put some foil on the top, I used good old IKEA bag and cut it to the shape.

Then I placed some round stones on top of foil... And glue some to the sides of pot.

Time to mix your cement with sand and water...

Looks so professional, isn't it?🤣

Pour mixture into the pot... And place something inside, remember to add some balast...

Now the worts... Waiting:)

And the next day you gently remove your fountain base...

Of course I couldn't wait to see how it looks like working so I forget to take a picture of the ready base... Typical...
Never mind.
I ordered solar water fountain and place it in my base, so there is final effect... ( I put some stones inside to keep the pump in place and just make it looks nice).

Add some colours

As you noticed my garden is made for children, that's why there is so many colours:)
My next project is something what you can see at night...

Here we go...

I used an old thin plywood and draw a tree, then cut it -more or less as on the picture.

I have used wood protective paint and add some leaves, using acrylic paints.

I bouth some solar bulbs and garden lights and hang them on my tree.

I had neon paint, which gives extra lighting effects at night...

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Made with love

Do you know what Covid-19 has learnt me?
That time spent with my family is very precious! During those couple of weeks we have learned so much about each other, not that I didn't know my family so far🤣 but I noticed we are very strong team and love spending time with each other:)
Today I have something for you, what most of you can easily do at home. All you need is couple old wood boards, any paint and couple of screws... And of course your family to help!
Flowers ladder:

I have connected the boards to look like ladder. I found some greeny- blueish pain and asked my son to paint it.

Next I have asked my daughter to add some extra bits on it, maybe wright something...
Then I quickly cut some easy shapes of flowers and asked my kids and husband to paint them... I was surprised that nobody said no, they started painting and had some much fun with it.
You can paint flowers on the boards or let me know and I will cut the flowers for you...

Final touch... We added some colorful metal baskets ( no plants yet). 

The last flower pot, white on the bottom, is for my dog... I'm more than sure that he will come and do his own 'painting', this is why I am not putting any seeds in it:)

Do you like it? Try it! Great fun for all of  you:)

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Angel with flower

Another intarsia-looking-like angel, this time without the place for tea-light, just hanging on the wall and watching us. Where is the flower? Well, in the middle you can see heart - epoxy made a job here, and inside the epoxy I sunk little flower, it was white flower with tiny green leaves, but unfortunately they discoloured (something I need to learn more about). But still I like the fact that it's not so obvious what's inside the heart and you need to come closer to discover it:) what do you think?

Parrots on a frame

Made for my friends... Big lovers of parrots.
Because I am still practising with picture frames - it might not be perfect, it should fit 6x8 picture:)
It wasn't easy to match the glass, but I found perplex - which is a bit like glass, but simply plastic.

(Inside I put picture 4x6)

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Under the water

How to get a piece of nature and keep it forever? Epoxy comes with the answer:) I put some wood inside and sunk with blue epoxy, light this time can be replaced if needed... Looks gorgeous at night:)